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Think much, speak little, and write less.

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Name:Think much, speak little, and write less.
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Community description:Drabbles, fandom related or not!
Welcome to [community profile] drabbles, a drabble challenge community!

A drabble refers to a short (really short!) work of fiction that is exactly 100 words. Often times they are used in reference to stories under 1,000 words as well.

This community will offer twice monthly challenges that everyone is welcome to participate in! This community is not fandom focused, but you are more than welcome to write fandom pieces.


Please remember that if they are fandom based that you warn for spoilers! And also, if there are porny bits, warn for that too! Though a drabble is 'technically' 100 words, I have always thought of them as 1000 or less - so keep all drabbles under 1000 words.

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